Giving Back to Veterans

When you see the graphic that the suicide rate has increased 150 percent among veterans since 2001, you know that something is desperately wrong with how the country is handling the needs of veterans.

“Homeland” Probes Terrorism and the Existential Threat

The scab of 9/11 may have fallen away, but the scar which remains has in no way faded with time.

“The Invisible War” — Documentary Spotlighting Rape in the Military Aims to Create National Awareness

Would anybody enlist if they knew a court ruling had put forth, “Rape is an occupational hazard of military service.”

Cassaundra StJohn: Helping Female Vets to Move Forward

StJohn is very clear that emotional issues around military service must be resolved before women can move forward. “We acknowledge the impact of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Military Sexual Trauma (MST), and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

America’s Veterans: Falling Through the Cracks?

On the pavement at the northeast corner of 54th Street, a man dressed in combat fatigues was sitting behind a black plastic crate.

Memorial Day 2009 –A Look at Women in the Military

Enmeshed in the stories of women who have served in the military, are the accounts of sexual harassment and abuse that are starting to see the light of day. The issue of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) has consistently been swept under the rug.

Tracey Ullman Examines the “State of the Union”

Ullman scrutinized how stewardesses from the Middle East and Singapore still have the “I Dream of Jeanie” outfits, reflecting the male corporate ideal. Ullman morphed into an American aviation executive when she exclaimed, “Goddamn it! We lost control of how we make the girls look.”

Veterans’ Families Cast a Vote for Change

“By stark comparison to Senator McCain, Senator Obama will take the long view. He will look before he leaps. He will not sacrifice American lives lightly or use force to prove a point. He will restore an honor to the American Presidency that is based on mutual trust.”

Obama, McCain, and Our Veterans

Lorin Walker, Alternate Delegate from Washington state who is on the Veterans policy team for Obama, had stronger words to characterize McCain’s voting record on the needs of those in the country’s armed forces. “His service to those who serve has been deplorable. His voting record stands at 20% pro-veteran.”