Martin O’Malley: Where Is He on the Environment?

The Baltimore Sun has a long history of editorials calling into question O’Malley’s lack of political will around hard environmental challenges — particularly those that could damage his standing with donors and specific constituencies.

Interview with Jill Stein – Green Party Candidate for President

Stein believes in the power of her message. “In my experience, all you have to do is get to the microphone.”

Ana Baptista: “Children of Color Are the Most At-Risk Victims of Pollution”

Stats show that one in four youngsters in Newark suffer from asthma—several times the county and state average.

“Our Future, Our Choice” — On the Ground at the People’s Climate March

Peter Nightingale, a professor of Physics at the University of Rhode Island, informed me that the while the United States is only 5 percent of the world population, we have already used 25 percent of humanity’s carbon budget.

Activist, Mother, ExxonMobil Shareholder: Jane Dale Owen

Owen told me, “Houston made me become an environmentalist because of the air pollution.”

Bob Inglis: Conservatives Have A Climate Solution

Inglis believes Conservatives are an “indispensible part of the solution” to energy and environmental issues.

Should Big Oil Receive Taxpayer Subsidies?

“The oil and tax subsidies that go to the top oil producers such as ExxonMobil, Shell, and Chevron are $4 billion plus per year—roughly $43.6 billion over ten years.”

Clean Air Hangs Off The Fiscal Cliff

The OMB has predicted that under sequestration, the EPA will be cut by $716 million in 2013.

Sandy Turns The Tide With A Surge Of Climate Support

Because of “Superstorm” Sandy, a groundswell of support to have a conversation about climate change can no longer be suppressed.

Virginia’s Wayne Powell: An Environmental Profile In Courage

“This week we are reminded of the power of nature. This is not a science fiction movie. This is now. If we don’t implement a real renewable energy policy, this will not be the end of the ‘superstorms’ in our country and the world, but the beginning.”