“Blue Box” — Documentary Probes the Actions of Yosef Weitz

It’s difficult enough for an individual to understand and come to terms with the actions and psychology of their family. It’s even more complex when a revered and beloved relation is part of the country’s history where you were born. Michal Weits, the director of “Blue Box,” is confronted by both challenges.

It’s not surprising that her documentary took her fourteen years to complete.

Aided by remarkable archival footage and the 5,000 pages of personal diaries of her great-grandfather, Yosef Weitz, she embarks on a trek to deconstruct her forebearer’s beliefs and the actualities that built the state of Israel.

It’s not a pleasant journey.

Weitz is part of a younger group of filmmakers featured at the 2021 New York Other Israel film festival. They are taking on the myths that she and Israelis (not to mention American Jews) have been raised on.

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