‘The Human Factor’ Documentary: American Negotiators and the Search for a Mideast Solution

Dror Moreh, the director of “The Gatekeepers,” the documentary that featured first-time interviews with former Israeli Shin Bet members, is back with another groundbreaking film.

The Human Factor,” which Moreh sees as a “companion piece” to “The Gatekeepers,” again goes for the inside players’ approach to gain insights. He delves into the thirty-year trajectory of the backroom negotiators who were on the elusive trail of Middle East peace.

Moreh writes in the press notes about the event that was a pivotal point in his life: the November 4, 1995, assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. It became the motivating factor in unearthing truths from the Shin Bet. It then pushed him to take a granular look at the American efforts to broker a peace process that would be successful.

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