Chandra Brown: Fighting Pollution in Southern Georgia

In the South Georgia Rivers and blackwater systems, the amount of mercury in bass is close to double the amount that the EPA has approved as the standard safety level.

Clean Air and the Baby Carriage

There is a mighty contingency out there that will continue to promote the concept that the Environmental Protection Agency is Al Capone, not Eliot Ness.

Asthma and Clean Air: One Mother’s Fight in Texas

Erin Brockovich came to Midlothian in 2005. She told me that if I lived anywhere else in the nation, we would have a lawsuit. However, she informed me that Texas was a “business first, people second,” state.

Personal Responsibility and the Fight for Clean Air

Instead of people just shaking their heads and sighing, “Well, what can I do?”…The answer is simple. Take a proactive step.

Senate EPW Hearings Set the Stage for Clean Air Fight

Currently, pushback against the EPA’s efforts to move forward on regulating mercury and other air toxins from power plants has fallen strikingly along party lines.

The Struggle for Change: Activism vs. Cynicism

I’m not leaving the fight for clean air, safe water, and a non-toxic environment to the cynics.

“Moms Clean Air Force” – Fighting for the Environment

The American Lung Association conducted a bipartisan poll which showed that the public trusts the EPA to protect their health.