The Affair Returns to Showtime

Yes, there’s plenty of sex. However, the show is far more than just thrusting bodies in motion.

“Homeland” Probes Terrorism and the Existential Threat

The scab of 9/11 may have fallen away, but the scar which remains has in no way faded with time.

“Men of a Certain Age” Combines Insights with Comedy

Verbalized are all the unsaid thoughts that gnaw at mid-lifers from, “How did I get here?” to “Where am I going next?”

What Would You Do If You Woke Up Tomorrow and You Were Beautiful?

Everyday young girls and women are being bombarded with images that set the standards for what constitutes visual attractiveness in our culture. Margaret Cho knows about these strictures first hand, and addresses them in her standup comedy special on Showtime entitled “Beautiful.”

Tracey Ullman Examines the “State of the Union”

Ullman scrutinized how stewardesses from the Middle East and Singapore still have the “I Dream of Jeanie” outfits, reflecting the male corporate ideal. Ullman morphed into an American aviation executive when she exclaimed, “Goddamn it! We lost control of how we make the girls look.”

“Mad Men” – The Dawning of the Sixties

As I watched the series unfold, I realized that the show could be a window for today’s young women, illustrating the conditions that shaped previous generations of feminists, from whom they often feel estranged.