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The Super Bowl Slippery Slope

Why would CBS choose to feature a message underwritten by a group with a definitive religious agenda, in a country that is predicated on the separation of church and state?

World Premiere of “Seven” Brings Vital Voices to New York City

Perhaps the most starkly emotive narrative of the set is Mukhtaran Mai’s story of survival and redemption. She was gang-raped by four men as retribution for an “honor crime” supposedly committed by her twelve year old brother (allegedly he held hands with a girl from a higher-caste tribe).

The Joe Torre Subtext: Winning the American Way

So my thoughts aren’t an examination of statistics, wins or losses, salaries, or who should have been pitching the last game. I’m contemplating the values that we teach our children, the style of leadership we admire, money vs. allegiance, and that old adage, “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”