For VP Choice – Majority of Women Voters Say Gender Does Not Matter

The Lifetime Poll that I previously wrote about for HuffPo clearly outlined that for the majority of women voters queried on the Vice-Presidential slot, gender did not matter.  McCain’s choice of Gov. Sarah Palin will make no difference to 62% of the female electorate.

Ironically, the statistics gathered showed that selecting a woman for the number two position would result in a net negative for McCain. While 15% said they would be more likely to support McCain if he picked a woman, 20% said they would be less likely to pick him if a woman were on his ticket.

It is impossible to gauge what the motivation for the choice of this particular woman had for the McCain campaign.  Kay Bailey Hutchison, the senior Senator from Texas (elected in 1993) who serves on the Appropriations Committee and is the fifth-ranking Republican in the Senate, would have seemed like a more appropriate choice.

If the McCain team had know that 59% of Hillary’s primary supporters were unmoved by a woman on the McCain ticket, perhaps their choice for a candidate ready to take over the role of Commander-in-Chief would have been different.

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