Will the Real Feminist Please Stand Up…

The airwaves, Internet, and print media blast it 24/7.  It is inescapable.  Hillary as Rocky, Hillary signing boxing gloves, Hillary making Rocky look like a pansy, Hillary exemplifying a leadership style “that has testicular fortitude.”  If Arnold Schwarznegger weren’t a Republican, he would get in the act declaring that Hillary was “no girlie-man.”

What is this all about?  I thought the testosterone driven, hip-shooting, cowboy mentality that reacted with knee-jerk precision to the world was what got the United States into the deep hole we are currently in.

If people are going to hail Hillary as a leader with fortitude, strength and guts, why not go to the women’s pantheon for some symbolic reference?  How about Deborah, the Biblical judge and warrior? Joan of Arc?  Emmeline Pankhurst?  Emma Peel?

I guess to win votes you have to identify with the heroes of the majority.

It feels like a losing situation.

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