Lilly Rivlin: Artist as Truth Seeker

Every era has its moments that are written and evaluated by “historians.” Creatives capture those same events through the prism of nuance, drama, and emotion. Lilly Rivlin, now 84, is one such artist. A contemporary of pioneering feminists, she was on the ground to document their contributions to the upheaval of the 1970s, when women […]

The Belarus Free Theatre: Committing Dangerous Acts

A stark monologue examines why there has been so little outrage about the human rights violations in their country. An actress states, “Belarus is not sexy. Sexy countries have oil and gas.”

India, Human Rights and the Bhullar Case

Commenting on the conditions of imprisonment, Gurpatwant Pannun emphasized, “Bhullar has been detained for the last eighteen years in appalling conditions, including solitary confinement.

“Chimes of Freedom” Celebrates the Power of Music and Activism

When oppressive regimes clamp down on their citizens, freedom of expression—free speech—is always the first thing to go. Dictators have a lot to fear from individuals speaking up—through their writings, through art and film and music.

Mary Robinson and The Elders Make Child Marriage Prevention a Top Priority

On a daily basis, twenty-five thousand girls are married before they reach the age of eighteen. To grasp the numbers in real time, that is the equivalent of nineteen girls being married without their consent every minute.

“The Whistleblower:” Amplifying the Reality of Human Trafficking

The story’s trajectory follows Kathryn Bokovac from her discovery of trafficking corruption, complicity, and cover-ups through her efforts to report her findings—despite files of evidence disappearing and witness tampering.

Why Torture is a Moral Issue

Rev. Richard L. Killmer said, “Torture is wrong. This is an absolute moral principle. Our leaders sometimes forget this.”

Sexual Trafficking in Israel

On the buying of sex, Sakow said, “Where there’s men, there’s trafficking. It has nothing to do with religion.”

A Lesson From Joseph Sebarenzi for 2011

Embracing forgiveness on a personal level, as well as a national and community level, is integral to Sebarenzi’s philosophy.

Human Rights and Sex Trafficking: A Film Forum

For every person who views a documentary, there is an exponential effect. They talk about it, they write about it, and sometimes they turn activist.”