“The Invisible War” — Documentary Spotlighting Rape in the Military Aims to Create National Awareness

Would anybody enlist if they knew a court ruling had put forth, “Rape is an occupational hazard of military service.”

“The Koch Brothers Exposed” – A Conversation with Robert Greenwald

In his new film, “The Koch Brothers Exposed,” director Robert Greenwald examines the pervasive influence of David and Charles Koch on the American fabric of life.

“The New Environmentalists” — Grassroots Activists Fight for Justice

The Goldman Environmental Prize was created to bring acknowledgment to the work of “grassroots environmental heroes” from the regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, Islands and Island Nations, North America, and South and Central America.

“The Dancing Boys Of Afghanistan” — Examining Sexual Abuse

I believe that the central issue is one of power. These men who abuse little boys clearly enjoy the feeling of absolute power they have over them.

Ordinary Citizens Fight Big Coal In “The Last Mountain”

The documentary makes it clear that the people pushing back are up against very heavy hitters. This includes representatives from both political parties, lobbyists for varied interests, as well as the coal industry.

Using the 9/11 Documentary “Rebirth” To Repair Lives

A consistent theme is the ambivalence of being caught between the desire to move forward and a need to stay connected to the past.

“Semper Fi: Always Faithful” — Documenting a Fight for Environmental Justice

At a time when the Environmental Protection Agency is coming under attack for “over-regulation,” the film stands as a testimony to what happens when the public’s health is neither protected nor considered.

!Women Art Revolution – A Secret History

Like all revolutions, there were strong leaders, cults of personality, and fervent ideological differences that led to fractures.

Human Rights and Sex Trafficking: A Film Forum

For every person who views a documentary, there is an exponential effect. They talk about it, they write about it, and sometimes they turn activist.”

“12th & Delaware” Joins the HBO Summer Documentary Series

The film took two years to make. Footage was shot the same year that Dr. George Tiller was murdered. The team contacted over 100 crisis pregnancy centers before they chose the Fort Pierce location. A screenwriter’s imagination could not have set the scene any better.