Warmer Temperatures Change the Balance of Nature

The National Climate Assessment, recently released in draft form, related that since 1895 there has been a 1.5 degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature.

Activist, Mother, ExxonMobil Shareholder: Jane Dale Owen

Owen told me, “Houston made me become an environmentalist because of the air pollution.”

Fall Climate Change Preview

The current Congress continues to pursue an anti-environmental path, driven by the agenda of a vocal and committed cabal of climate deniers.

New Study: High Pollution=Low Birth Weight=Unhealthy Babies

A study published on February 6, 2013 in the journal “Environmental Health Perspectives” posits, “Maternal exposure to outdoor air pollution is associated with low birth weight.”

In America’s National Parks, Air Pollution Knows No Boundaries

Particle pollution—otherwise know as haze—and soot have reduced visibility in American’s hallowed recreational spaces, where visitors to a single location can top 9 million people annually.

May 15th Rally at City Hall to “Dump the Dump”

“New York City is spending $400 million to pollute the neighborhood, severely impair the quality of life and threaten kids,” said David Mack, Vice President of Residents for Sane Trash Solutions.

“Mars, Jimmy and Me” Highlights the Dangers of Pollution for Kids

Mars, Jimmy, and Me, which features a dedication to the Earth on its opening page, combines humor, whimsy, and science to jumpstart an examination of pollution, economic justice, and individual responsibility.

“The TRAIN Act Cuts The Heart Out Of The Clean Air Act”—Rep. Henry Waxman

“None of our environmental laws are immune from attack in this Congress.”

“If You Can’t Breathe, You Can’t Work”

Boxer zoned in on the TRAIN Act”. She didn’t mince words. “Let me be clear,” she pronounced. “This is a dangerous train. It is a train wreck, and it has to be stopped.”

Clean Air and the Baby Carriage

There is a mighty contingency out there that will continue to promote the concept that the Environmental Protection Agency is Al Capone, not Eliot Ness.