Kate Nace Day: Human Trafficking Activist

Under our national law, anyone under the age of 18 who is sold for sex is a trafficking victim. Consent is irrelevant. But in many states, prostituted children are still arrested and treated as criminals.

“Girls Likes Us” — Rachel Lloyd’s Memoir Illuminates the Sexual Exploitation of Children

Girls Like Us presents a dual story thread. One is Lloyd’s personal narrative; the other is a primer on what trafficked American girls are up against.

“The Whistleblower:” Amplifying the Reality of Human Trafficking

The story’s trajectory follows Kathryn Bokovac from her discovery of trafficking corruption, complicity, and cover-ups through her efforts to report her findings—despite files of evidence disappearing and witness tampering.

Sexual Trafficking in Israel

On the buying of sex, Sakow said, “Where there’s men, there’s trafficking. It has nothing to do with religion.”

Human Rights and Sex Trafficking: A Film Forum

For every person who views a documentary, there is an exponential effect. They talk about it, they write about it, and sometimes they turn activist.”

Lawrence Taylor, The Media, and Human Trafficking

Most of the local news stories gave little to no insight to the aspects of human trafficking apparent in this case, nor the prevalence of this activity on New York City streets.

A Report From “Women in the World: Stories and Solutions” Summit – Part 1

Madeleine Albright’s most arresting comment was the analogy, “Women in a country are like the canary in the coal mine.”

Emma Thompson, Featured in “Fatal Promises, Speaks Out on Human Trafficking

Prominently featured in Fatal Promises is actress and activist Emma Thompson. In addition to making powerful public service announcements, Thompson is the co-curator (with Elena, a trafficking survivor), of the interactive art installation Journey. The work puts the viewer directly into the experience of a sexually trafficked woman.

“Very Young Girls” Looks at Sexual Trafficking in NYC

Several story threads make up the narrative. In a chilling sequence, we see a videotape made by two young men who filmed their exploits as rising pimps, with hopes of snaring a reality show. The streets of New York City have never looked bleaker.

AIDS Healthworkers and Anti-Trafficking Activists – Is There a Conflict?

For health workers, the core matter is saving lives through the prevention of spreading AIDS. Anti-trafficking activists are goal-driven to free women and children from conditions where they may be forced to have sex 10 to 30 times per day.