On the Ground at J Street Conference 2019

Naomi Chazan prefaced her comments with the rhetorical question, “Can one be overly critical of a country one loves?”

5th Annual Socially Relevant Film Festival Returns to New York

Nora Armani, founding artistic director, stated that the goal of the event is to “raise awareness for everyday social issues through the powerful medium of cinema.”

Social Good Summit 2013

As to the debate on the benefits of “clicktavism” or the impact of social media—the take away was: “Stop differentiating between online and offline and figure out how to get the job done.”

The BlogHer’12 Conference Returns to New York City

The International Activist BlogHer Scholarship Recipients related their stories about how they are using the blogosphere to push social action agendas forward. It was both informative and inspiring.

Women in the World Summit 2012

At the Women in the World Summit, Hillary Clinton wondered, “Why extremists always focus on women is a mystery to me.”

Fighting Human Trafficking Through Film

The 2012 Film Forum: Fighting Trafficking through Film was held to harness the visceral power of film to illuminate the issues of commercial sexual exploitation and modern-day slavery.

TEDxWomen 2011: An Overview

Shamila Kohestani, recounted her struggles in Afghanistan and her life under Taliban rule. “I want my story to be a source of hope. Please take a moment and think about how valuable your freedom is.”

Women Without Borders: “Include, Involve, Invest”

Schlaffer founded Women Without Borders in 2002, with the mission of evolving a new way to heal grief and suffering on both sides of a conflict.

America At a Turning Point

Robert Borosage, co-director of the Campaign for America’s Future, said, “The question for us isn’t is this movement yoked to Obama, but can we build our own independent movement?”

Personal Democracy Forum 2011 — Agents of Change

This was the eighth year that the Personal Democracy Forum convened, and my fourth year in attendance.  The stated PdF mission is to examine how technology impacts politics, government, and civil life. The program is always topical; the 2011 agenda was curated to reflect the events in the Middle East and North Africa.  It also […]