Girl Be Heard: Staging the Revolution via Theater

Girl Be Heard (originally known as the Project Girl Performance Collective) is a not-for-profit theater group that is the brainchild of Ashley Marinaccio, Artistic Director, and Jessica Greer Morris, Executive Director. They have melded their talents and backgrounds to create “social justice theater.” The new name reflects a rebranding, as the organization moves beyond its […]

Eve Ensler’s “Emotional Creature” Speaks the Language of Girls

Ensler’s hope and goal is for each individual girl to “empower her authentic self.”

“Blood and Gifts” – A Conversation with Playwright J.T. Rogers

“Blood and Gifts,” a play by J.T. Rogers, creates a full overview of the issues and choices that were the precursors to our current situation in Afghanistan.

“Black Angels Over Tuskegee” Revisits History

If there is no interest in recording the stories of those who are deemed periphereal, the narratives get lost.

The Scottsboro Boys: Making Friends with the Truth

“What story are we going to tell tonight?” the Interlocutor is asked. When he replies, “The story of the Scottsboro Boys,” he is queried, “This time, can we tell the truth?”

A Docudrama Illuminates The Battle Between National Security and The People’s Right to Know

“By dealing with issues of current and enduring importance, as experienced by real people, the docudrama can be a powerful means of raising questions and provoking constructive debate.”

Helen Gahagan Douglas – A Woman for All Seasons

Nichols touched on the fact that during Gahagan Douglas’s six years in the Congress, she stood with the causes of education, internationalism, feminism, and integration.

World Premiere of “Seven” Brings Vital Voices to New York City

Perhaps the most starkly emotive narrative of the set is Mukhtaran Mai’s story of survival and redemption. She was gang-raped by four men as retribution for an “honor crime” supposedly committed by her twelve year old brother (allegedly he held hands with a girl from a higher-caste tribe).