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Emma Thompson, Featured in “Fatal Promises, Speaks Out on Human Trafficking

Prominently featured in Fatal Promises is actress and activist Emma Thompson. In addition to making powerful public service announcements, Thompson is the co-curator (with Elena, a trafficking survivor), of the interactive art installation Journey. The work puts the viewer directly into the experience of a sexually trafficked woman.

Who Says Feminists Aren’t Funny?

Feminists have often been accused of not having a sense of humor (How could they survive without one?), but this relaxed event had laughs to spare. Before the eight female stand-up comics strutted their stuff, I asked several people what they had found funny in 2008. They had to think hard.

Women Get Respect – Part 2

Behind Steinem was a large screen, with her image projected upon it. I contemplated the symbolism of Gloria standing on the podium, alongside her larger-than-life size image. Like other public leaders, she has represented so much to so many. For countless women, she is the personification of their own struggle with gender issues.

Pass the Turkey…and the Feminism

My concern about the future of the women’s movement was put to rest as I listened to the presenters on intergenerational feminism. The motivated, fervent twenty-somethings were impressive. They made it clear that the time had come for the older generation to step aside and pass the baton.