Redefining Cancer Survivorship

June 2 is National Cancer Survivors Day. For Karen Shayne and Judy Pearson, co-founders of the Women Survivors Alliance, it is also an opportunity to galvanize others to their 365 days-a-year mission. Shayne and Pearson have both survived cancer. They have joined forces to spearhead a global call to action, reframing the state of cancer […]

Another Look at Thyroid Shields and Mammograms

After numerous interviews, I learned why thyroid shields were not needed. In fact, they were considered a detriment to the mammogram process.

Domestic Violence: Everybody’s Issue

It is essential to go beyond the statistics to place Domestic Violence within a larger societal framework.

Naming the Shame That Can Cripple

“The more people come out and talk about shame, the less power it has.”

Hormones, Menopause and Vaginal Atrophy: A Primer for Self-Advocacy

“Women have different phases of life. A doctor still heavily focused on obstetrics may not be the best solution for an older woman’s concerns.”

What the Affordable Care Act Means for Women

The issues around health care for women go deeper than the nuts and bolts of what will and won’t be covered. At stake is gender discrimination that is evidenced in higher premiums for being a woman, lost maternity coverage, and denial of coverage due to gender-related pre-existing conditions.

Dayle Haddon Models a New Paradigm of Beauty

Determined to open a conversation on defining beauty differently, Haddon’s question was, “What are the components of beauty?”

Older Women Take on the Challenges of Life, Love, and Sex

Three books disseminate practical information in combination with a new way for women to contemplate their futures.

The Birth Control Conundrum

Religious freedom was being pitted against women’s rights to basic health care. What exactly did it all mean for those of childbearing age?

Lifetime Presents “FIVE”— Exploring the Impact of Breast Cancer

The five stories encompass concerns that reflect the multitude of challenges facing a patient who has received a breast cancer diagnosis.