Equal Means Equal: Why the ERA Must Be Passed

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has said, “I would like in my lifetime to see women get fired up about the Equal Rights Amendment.”

BUY UP Index Changes the Score for Women Consumers

BUY UP Index is a mobile app which drills down on a “company’s demonstrated commitment to gender equality.”

Feminist Stories From Women’s Liberation: 1963-1970

Lee’s film yields a “complex and multilayered” account which she hopes will instruct her daughter, and future generations of girls, about the struggle that preceded them.

Uniting on the War Against Women

At the April 28, 2012 Unite for Women In New York March and Rally, there was consistent, verbalized incredulity that in the 21st century women were refighting old battles that were supposed to have been won.

Mary Robinson and The Elders Make Child Marriage Prevention a Top Priority

On a daily basis, twenty-five thousand girls are married before they reach the age of eighteen. To grasp the numbers in real time, that is the equivalent of nineteen girls being married without their consent every minute.

“Gloria: In Her Own Words” — A Life in Activism

Repeatedly referenced as a “feminist icon,” Steinem often functions as a blank slate upon which others imprint their own anxieties, appreciation, disapproval or angry resentments.

Yanar Mohammed—Iraqi Women’s Vigilant Champion

Mohammed demands parity for women with the men of Iraq and promotes secular and human rights, earning her the antagonism of Islamic fundamentalists—who have threatened her life.

Women in the World: Stories and Solutions Summit 2011

Dr. Nawal El Saadawi told the rapt crowd proudly, “I was a feminist when I was a child.”

Women and the Political Landscape: Unraveling Perplexing Issues

Maatz posited that “the goals of feminism were to create social, political and economic independence—allowing women to take full advantage of life opportunities and to express independent opinions and decisions.”

Mae Jemison: Insights from a Barrier-Breaking Astronaut

A classic pro-active personality, Jemison maintained, “The choices we make create the realities of today and tomorrow.”