Why Torture is a Moral Issue

Rev. Richard L. Killmer said, “Torture is wrong. This is an absolute moral principle. Our leaders sometimes forget this.”

A Lesson From Joseph Sebarenzi for 2011

Embracing forgiveness on a personal level, as well as a national and community level, is integral to Sebarenzi’s philosophy.

A Report from “Women in the World: Stories and Solutions” Summit – Part 2

Gloria Steinem has repeatedly stressed the importance of women sharing their personal stories as a way to add their voices to the human record. This was the strength of The Daily Beast’s three-day event.

“The Unheard Truth: Povery and Human Rights”

Khan’s contention is that poverty is a human rights issue, and therefore defending those rights must be at the core of efforts to end poverty.

The Rape of Iranian Women – Under Reported?

On July 17, 2009, The National Council of Resistance of Iran headlined the story, “Iran: The burnt corpse of of female demonstrator found after a month of captivity.”

“A Powerful Noise” – A Film Taps the Power of Many

The film interweaves the stories of three women who are each transforming the world through individual actions. One is changing the way that people think. The other two are building understanding and relationships, impelled by the pain of their personal experiences.

Speak Up for Human Rights – The Price of Silence is Much Too High

With Barack Obama poised to take office in January 2009, one of the major lessons his  candidacy has offered is that movements are built from individuals taking action. In an effort to rally attention to the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Amnesty International, working in cooperation with Link TV: Television Without […]

AIDS Healthworkers and Anti-Trafficking Activists – Is There a Conflict?

For health workers, the core matter is saving lives through the prevention of spreading AIDS. Anti-trafficking activists are goal-driven to free women and children from conditions where they may be forced to have sex 10 to 30 times per day.