Ivanka Trump In Hot Water For Her Hypocrisy

At the RNC convention, Ms. Trump came across as deeply concerned about the issues facing working women.

Republican Jim Brainard Believes in the Science of Climate Change

Direct about the fact that the party of environmentalist Teddy Roosevelt has become entrenched in refuting the findings of the larger scientific community, Brainard said, “You have to trust 97 percent of scientists.”

President Obama Vows To Cut Pollution

Obama addressed the climate deniers with the simple sentence, “We don’t have time for the meeting of the Flat Earth Society.”

Sequester Dirties the Air

The average American may not be aware of how these sequester cuts will impact the air that they breathe. Perhaps, most surprising to them, would be how the affected programs that reduce air pollution will shape the state of national health for everyone.

The Personal Democracy Forum Is Back in Town

John Perry Barlow: “The Internet is the greatest thing since the advent of fire.”

Day of Action for Women’s Health 1/13/2010

As the average American tries to make sense of the constantly shifting health plan and attendant debates, one issue remains crystal clear. Women’s reproductive rights are being used as a football and bargaining chip in the fight to secure a long awaited health care bill.

Feminism and the Pink Elephant in the Tent

The future strength of women’s advocacy lies in the ability to be more tolerant of different points of view.

President Obama and the Future of Women’s Health

Women require more health care, but have fewer financial resources to pay the bills. They pay 68 percent more than men for out-of-pocket expenses. As a result, one in four women is unable to pay her medical bills.

Obama and the Progressive Community

Attending events around New York City, I have consistently been hearing two points of view. The first is, “Thank God he got elected. Let’s give the man a chance.” The second is, “We’re going to have to hold his feet to the fire.”

Lifetime Poll Pinpoints Negative Media Coverage of Clinton & Palin

Regardless of party affiliation, women saw the coverage of both Clinton and Palin as “too negative” and without adequate substance…In what could be characterized as two extremes, Clinton was labeled as “anti-male and a she-devil,” while Palin was assigned the role of “a ditz and an airhead.”