Politics as Usual at Gina McCarthy Hearings

Offering into the record a statement designed to take the conversation into a different direction, Sen. Bernie Sanders, (I-VT), insisted that the hearing was not really a referendum on Gina McCarthy, but rather—“a debate about global warming.”

Senator James Inhofe Seeks to Destroy Landmark EPA Ruling

Inhofe has established a unique niche in the environmental space by being the sole senator to oppose the Everglades restoration, and for his quote calling the EPA a “Gestapo bureaucracy.”

The Clean Air Fight Continues In 2012

Despite testimony from a slew of health officials and organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Lung Association, pushback has continued based on the premise that regulations are an economy killer, or that the supply of electricity is at stake.

Dr. Robert D. Bullard: Justice For Our Children

I reached out to Bullard for an overview on the evolution of the Environmental Justice movement, which has served as a prism through which to examine policy based on race, environment, and waste.

National Poll Says America Wants the EPA

“Attacks on clean air and the federal agency charged with protecting the environment and the health of Americans is an unpopular position with most Americans, including those in nine key 2012 battleground states.”

“The TRAIN Act Cuts The Heart Out Of The Clean Air Act”—Rep. Henry Waxman

“None of our environmental laws are immune from attack in this Congress.”

“If You Can’t Breathe, You Can’t Work”

Boxer zoned in on the TRAIN Act”. She didn’t mince words. “Let me be clear,” she pronounced. “This is a dangerous train. It is a train wreck, and it has to be stopped.”

Rep. Jan Schakowsky: Responding to the EPA Naysayers

Under Rick Perry’s tenure, Texas became far and away the nation’s largest CO2 emitter. If it were its own country—as Mr. Perry has advocated in the past—it would be the 8th biggest polluter in the world.

Chandra Brown: Fighting Pollution in Southern Georgia

In the South Georgia Rivers and blackwater systems, the amount of mercury in bass is close to double the amount that the EPA has approved as the standard safety level.

Voices for Clean Air National Week of Action: August 15-19

Although our elected officials have closed down shop in Washington for a recess, the game isn’t over.