Activist, Mother, ExxonMobil Shareholder: Jane Dale Owen

Owen told me, “Houston made me become an environmentalist because of the air pollution.”

Utah’s Fight for Clean Air

Ordinary citizens are fighting back, demanding that the polluters be reined in. At the forefront of the pushback are parents and doctors.

The Clean Air Fight Continues In 2012

Despite testimony from a slew of health officials and organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Lung Association, pushback has continued based on the premise that regulations are an economy killer, or that the supply of electricity is at stake.

National Poll Says America Wants the EPA

“Attacks on clean air and the federal agency charged with protecting the environment and the health of Americans is an unpopular position with most Americans, including those in nine key 2012 battleground states.”

“If You Can’t Breathe, You Can’t Work”

Boxer zoned in on the TRAIN Act”. She didn’t mince words. “Let me be clear,” she pronounced. “This is a dangerous train. It is a train wreck, and it has to be stopped.”

Clean Air and the Baby Carriage

There is a mighty contingency out there that will continue to promote the concept that the Environmental Protection Agency is Al Capone, not Eliot Ness.

Asthma and Clean Air: One Mother’s Fight in Texas

Erin Brockovich came to Midlothian in 2005. She told me that if I lived anywhere else in the nation, we would have a lawsuit. However, she informed me that Texas was a “business first, people second,” state.

Lisa Jackson: Why She Can’t Do It Alone

Unpopular issues have never been a magnet for winning friends and admirers.

A Mother’s Day Pledge

Reports about the air and water, and other potential hazards in our environment, are prevalent.
We can’t look away, no matter how disquieting or overwhelming.