New Media Consultancy

Yerman advises individuals and not-for-profits on how to increase their visibility through new media tools and outreach.  She was an evangelist for Reframe It, a technology that allows users to comment on any web page via a “virtual margin,” and worked with Women’s Radio to build awareness for their new radio platform.

Featured on the live broadcast of “Real Women Respond to Palin,” Yerman discussed a range of topics from the 2008 presidential election to women in popular culture.  In addition, she answered questions from live chat room participants.

On January 29, 2010, Yerman hosted a Talk Shoe Blog Radio segment for Fem2.0 entitled “Work Policies and Single Women: An Examination of the Work Issues Facing Single Women with or without Children.”  Her guests included Page Gardner, Founder of Women’s Voices, Women Vote; Lisa Maatz, Director of Public Policy and Government Relations for AAUW; Melanie Notkin, Founder of Savvy Auntie.

Live “Tweeting” events, either on-site or via a real time stream, Yerman provides on the ground coverage that amplifies the message.  Her coverage has included the Omega Women and Power Conference, the Web 2.0 Expo, Now Serving 9 Billion: Global Dialogue on Meeting Food Needs for the Next Generation, Alan Dershowitz vs. Jeremy Ben-Ami at the 92nd Street Y, and The Daily Beast Women In the World Summit.

She is available to live blog, advise on new media strategies, and for speaking opportunities.

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