Scott Lentine: A Millennial with Autism

In a series of e-mails, Scott Lentine wrote to me about his quest to bring recognition to the obstacles facing those on the autistic spectrum.

Sports and Health: What Price Glory?

The injuries suffered as a result of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and anabolic steroid use have parallels and similarities.

New Study: High Pollution=Low Birth Weight=Unhealthy Babies

A study published on February 6, 2013 in the journal “Environmental Health Perspectives” posits, “Maternal exposure to outdoor air pollution is associated with low birth weight.”

What Women Need to Know About Tackling Sleep Issues

The bedroom is a sacrosanct space—for sleep and sex only.

Another Look at Thyroid Shields and Mammograms

After numerous interviews, I learned why thyroid shields were not needed. In fact, they were considered a detriment to the mammogram process.

A Portrait of Activism: “How to Survive a Plague”

Individual activism matters. Coalesced into group action—it is mighty.

Hormones, Menopause and Vaginal Atrophy: A Primer for Self-Advocacy

“Women have different phases of life. A doctor still heavily focused on obstetrics may not be the best solution for an older woman’s concerns.”

Meditation: Sarah McLean’s Perfect Antidote to Stress

The scientific findings show that meditation helps the neurons in the brain to develop new connections, regardless of an individual’s age.

Antibiotics in Your Food: What You Need To Know

In a 2010 Congressional hearing, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Agriculture (USDA)—along with the CDC—testified that a definitive link existed between antibiotic resistance in people and the “routine non-therapeutic use of antibiotic in industrial farming.”

“Becoming Ginger Rogers” – How Patrice Tanaka Found Her Joy

Tanaka told me that she had written the book to help others and to communicate the key message, “Pursue your joy with a sense of urgency. Live out full and fiercely today with no regrets.”