“Becoming Ginger Rogers” – How Patrice Tanaka Found Her Joy

Tanaka told me that she had written the book to help others and to communicate the key message, “Pursue your joy with a sense of urgency. Live out full and fiercely today with no regrets.”

Compulsive Shopping – The Closeted Addiction

Cardella alternately describes her purchasing junkets as her escape, her boyfriend, her release, her therapy, and her drug.

Click: When We Knew We Were Feminists

Reading “Click” will help one generation to understand and appreciate what experiences have informed another group of women—with personal histories other than their own.

“The Unheard Truth: Povery and Human Rights”

Khan’s contention is that poverty is a human rights issue, and therefore defending those rights must be at the core of efforts to end poverty.

Marrying George Clooney – Beyond the Blurb

I met Amy Ferris at The Women’s Media Center in 2005. We were part of the start-up team for a new venture founded by Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, and Robin Morgan.

Can Womenomics Ease the Stress of Work/Life Balance?

With First Lady Michelle Obama leading the charge to put the struggle for work/life balance front and center, the issue is finally getting top-level attention.